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Smarter electric power systems

Report D1.3 describing the benchmarks

2023-09-27 15:38:28

This document is the third deliverable of the ”Cyber-Physical Risk of the bulk Electric Energy Supply System” (CYPRESS) project.

The work presented in this document has been performed in the frame of the first work package, WP1, titled ”Criteria and benchmarks for cyber-physical risk management ”. The main objective of WP1 is to generalize and adapt the concepts currently used in reliability management of electric power and energy systems so that they can correctly cover the cyber-threats from various system wide control and communication layers while accounting for a large number of small active devices connected closer to the system edge. This work package should ensure coherence of the modeling and validation approaches to be used in both WP2 and WP3.

More precisely, this document is the result of the work performed during the third task (T1.3) of this work package. This task firstly aims at identifying a reduced number of benchmark test power systems from the power systems literature to be used in the CYPRESS project. It also seeks to make specific choices for modeling the cyber-layers that need to be added to these benchmarks. The modeling choices at the cyber-layer are guided by current and anticipated communication systems used by transmission system operators internally and for exchanging information with neighboring system operators and with edge power devices. The benchmarks selected in this task will be used in WP2 and WP3 for the purpose of cyber-physical security assessment and enhancement respectively. This document starts by focusing on the power system part of the Task 1.3 objectives. Chapter 2 opens with a section dedicated to transmission test systems. It presents criteria that transmission test systems should meet to be selected for the next tasks of the project, then it describes the studied and selected benchmark test power systems and potential modifications of these systems to ensure that they meet most criteria. The chapter continues with distribution test systems by presenting selected distribution test systems. Finally the chapter concludes by making the link with the cyber layer, i.e. by describing the interconnections of the power systems with the cyber layer. Chapter 3 focuses on the cyber part. Since the project aims at, among other things, carrying out digital tests and simulations on test systems representing Cyber-Physical Power Systems in their entirety, this chapter investigates what cyber components should be present in the cyber layer of Cyber-Physical Power Systems. Indeed, in the literature, there is a lack of reference ICT test systems to represent this cyber layer. This chapter starts by presenting the proposed modeling of cyber layer and then introduces the components that compose the cyber layer, such as components involved in the control, protection and monitoring of electrical equipment, the communication standards used in electrical substations, etc, in order to integrate them in the selected test power systems. In addition to this report, a git repository containing the data of test power systems that were selected in the context of the task as well as a table summarising transmission test systems available in the literature can be found at the following link:

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